Keep It Real, Keep It Poetic

I’ve received a lot of mail regarding the previous posting about form divergence and form in general and have tried to respond to everyone but for now I’d like to add three more mentions I have been delighted to have acceptances by Tropica Laced (you can see a taster of one of the poems and images accepted […]

Form and Form-Transgressive Poetry

Once upon a time, before university and the wonders of studying the craft of writing as envisaged by academics in an educational institution, I thought of myself as a freeform writer and that Form was archaic, constraining, and redundant. Needless to say, my attitude has changed with exposure to form in all its wondrous guises […]

Text and Images

In the run-up to Christmas I wasn’t posting as I was on one of my ‘walkabouts’ this time staying in Cape Verde studying the art of Portuguese Manueline style art – well, where I could – and taking in the sights. Manueline was totally new to me before one of the tutors on my art history course […]